How to Find Great Color Combinations

Hello there! If you want your webpage to have  complimentary color schemes then here is the place to look!

Color wheel

I have found a awesome webpage that lets you select the color that you want to be a large aspect on your webpage, on a color wheel. Then, it shows you what colors would go good with the one that you have selected.

The webpage is

It is also very easy to incorporate those colors into your webpage. All you have to do is put your mouse over one of the colors that you like and it will tell you the number code that it is. An example of this is #3AAACF for a shade of blue.

Now I bet you want to know how you would use one of these code in your html code! Well, all you have to do is use a CSS style that you could introduce a color to.

An example of this is





This would give you a webpage that has a blue background! The colors that you find on this webpage can also be used on things like text or borders!

~Jacquelyn Fisher


~ by jmf147 on September 30, 2012.

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