Monitor Your Sound in Adobe Audition CS6

Let’ say you want to plug in your musical instrument to your computer and record straight into Audition.  Sounds like a great idea right?  Well if you’re like me, there is one small problem in trying that:  You can’t hear what you are playing!  Luckily, Adobe Audition has a very handy tool that is available to you in order for you to hear your playback live through your computer speakers or headphones!

The first step in this tutorial is to create a new “Multitrack Session.”  This can be accomplished by going to File –> New –> Multitrack Session.

Once selected, a dialogue box will appear in which you can set your bitrate and name your project.

When you have finished imputing all of your personalization, click OK.

You should now have a multitrack sesion that looks a bit like this:

Now you have to set up your input and your output devices.  On most computers, the Default input device is the microphone jack, ad the main output is the computer speakers unless headphones or external speakers are attached.  The way to check which input and output adobe is using is to look at the track in which you are wishing to record onto and the input is marked as an arrow to the right, and the output as an arrow to the left as seen below:

To change the input/output, simply click on the triangles pointed right at the end of the box stating which input or output is being used.

Once you have selected your input and output, click the box with R in the upper right of the Track 1 box as shown above so that the box becomes red.

You are one step away from being able to monitor yourself!

Simply click on the box with the I in it which has now become live so that the box becomes orange.  You will now be able to hear yourself through whatever output you send the sound through!

Now all you have to do is press record, and you will be able to monitor whatever you are recording!

-Dylan Atkinson


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