Navigation on Your Website

Do you want multiple pages on your website or links to different websites?

I will show you a simple way to add this feature to your website.

Before you start be sure that you are between the <body> tags, if you are not the text that you type will not show up. The first tag you are going to add is the <li> which is the list tag. This tag will allow your links to be ordered into a list on the side of your page. Between the <li> (list tags) you want to insert the link where you want your navigation button to take the user. The tag for a link is <a href=”#home”>. The “a” represents the link but the “href” tag connects the link to the website you want on your navigation bar. “Home” is just the title of the navigation button. After the “>” above you want to type in the text that you wish to appear on your page. Since it is a navigation bar you want to keep it short. This means using words such as “Home”, “About Me”, etc. Next you want to close the link by adding a closed link tag </a>, followed by a closed list tag </li>. You can add multiple navigation buttons to your list by simply following the same steps above. In the end your HTML should look like this:


This navigation bar will be a useful tool to add to your website!

-Julia M


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