Why edit a photo one at a time?!

Here is a simple Photoshop tutorial on how to batch edit a group of photos!

To begin, open a photo on Photoshop that will serve as your example for the other photos in your batch. Click on the Window tab on the top of the screen then proceed to actions. The action panel will show up on your screen. Click create a new action and name it something descriptive so that it will be easily identifiable when you need it again.
If you want to make a shortcut key go to the function box within the new action box and choose a shortcut. Hit the record button and all of your actions will now be recorded.

At this point you can do whatever editing that you want to apply to all of your photos in the batch. Resizing for example is a very useful tool when using batch edit!
When you are happy with your edits, save the file and hit the stop recording button. It is the square button next to the play button on the actions panel. To apply this editing to the rest of your photos go to File, then Automate, then Batch.

Pick which action you want from your edits and choose the source folder that contains all the photos you want to edit. Pick a destination folder if you want your batch to end up in a separate folder. Be sure to click the “override action “save as” commands” box. Also, you can change the file naming according to your preference. Hit OK and if done correctly your editing should be applied to all of your photos!

By: Felice Amoo-Achampong


~ by feliceamoo on September 30, 2012.

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