Easily remove unwanted background noise from audio

Whenever you record audio, there is always unwanted background noise present. This is a quick way I’ve learned to remove any unwanted background noise from your audio files.

First, open your audio file in Adobe Audition, then open up the “Effects” tab and click “Noise Reduction / Restoration”. In this menu, you can then click “Adaptive Noise Reduction” which will bring up the following window.


The adaptive noise reduction works by basically having Audition “listen” for noise itself and decrease it. In order for this to work, the audio you want to hear should be preceded by a few seconds of empty background noise. For example, if your audio file is a recording of a concert, you should start the recording a few seconds before the music itself begins. Adaptive noise reduction listens to this background tone and then attempts to remove it from the rest of the audio.

To do this, just turn on the adaptive noise reduction by clicking the on pushbutton at the bottom left side of the window (it will turn green) and begin your audio file a few seconds before the part of the audio you actually want to hear (such a music playing or someone talking), then play the audio file. You will hear the background noise slowly fade out.

However, this effect will probably also change the audio you want to hear. In order to prevent this, you can adjust the “Noisiness” bar, which controls the percentage of noise you want to decrease, and the “Reduce Noise by” bar, which determines how many decibels you want to reduce the noise by.

This approach will not remove 100% of the unwanted background noise from your audio file, but it is a quick and easy way to remove background noise from your files while also making the audio more presentable.

-Zach Aaron


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