Fancy Font-Family

There are some really beautiful fonts available as FREE DOWNLOADS on the internet. New fonts can make  your site rather impressive, and it doesn’t take much effort to code . I’ll show you how.

First, find and download a snazzy font. I found this font called Quicksand on

Most fonts will download as a compressed .ZIP file. Once you decompress the file, the fonts will appear as an .OTF file (OpenType font).Open the .OTF and click the “Install Font” button. This will install the font into your computer’s Font Book. You will also want to save the .OTF file and FTP it to your server.

Certain font faces will have different styles available (i.e., Arial Black, Arial Narrow.) You’ll notice my Quicksand font has different styles and the click down menu lets me chose the individual fonts I want to install. I choose “Dash.”

Okay. Now your font is installed. Time to take it onto your website. On Dreamweaver, go to “Modify” and click “Font Families”.

This will bring you to a “Edit Font List” window. In the bottom right section titled “Available fonts”, scroll to find your newly downloaded font. Select and click the less-than-arrow button until it appears in the “Chosen fonts” section to the left.

On your CSS sheet, locate the font-family property you would like to customize. On the pop-up selector, scroll to locate your new font and select.


And wah-lah! You have fancy font to embellish your site where ever you’d please.

-Caily Grube


~ by Caily Grube on October 1, 2012.

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