No Smoking Allowed: The Smoke Tutorial

This is a really fun technique if you can use it right. Say you have some food on the grill and you want to have smoke rising from it, well that’s easy.

Take your image and create a new layer. One this layer paint some “white blobs” that will be the basis for your smoke. Make the blobs a good size and put some tips to make it look like fire.

Now that it looks like your burgers are on “white blobs fire” use the Gaussian blur tool to make the outlines fuzzy, at first it looks a little weird but with the next step your smoke will appear.

Go to Effects -> Liquify and stroke over your “fuzzy white blobs fire” and it will condense some parts and widen others. The goal is to distort the “fuzzy white blobs fire” to the point where it looks like smoke.

After your “fuzzy white blobs fire” turned into smoke go to the layer style and add “Outer Glow”. Put the outer glow to white and make the spread large. Play with the outer glow to something you like.

And that’s it. Done,  AND AWESOME!

-Josh J



~ by Arainami on October 1, 2012.

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