How to record a Skype call

To get clear, organic sound, it’s important to have a good voice recorder. But what if you want to record a Skype conversation between two or more people and you — uh-oh — have poor speakers?

I was confounded with this problem, but I fortunately found an easy solution.

Once you’re on Skype, simply click Tools>Get Apps… and you’ll find yourself at the Skype Applications home page (which you can find here). Then you’ll see that Pamela Call Recorder is No. 3. Click on “Get it Now,” and let’s get to downloading!

An .exe file will appear automatically, so just follow the simple instructions on the wizard and you’ll be a proud owner of the free version of Pamela in about a minute.

Now, open the program and initiate a Skype call. To begin recording (after you’ve told the other party or parties that you’re recording them, of course), simply click the red “Record” button on the top of the Pamela interface. Once you’re done, click “Stop.” In the free version, there is a single-call time limit of 15 minutes. To listen to your recordings, you’ll need to end the Skype call. This is what your list of recordings will look like:


Double-clicking on your recordings will open them in your default media player as .mp3 files. So convenient!

Pamela offers another cool feature that allows you to get creative: sound mixing! With this feature, you can play sounds during any call, create categories and drag and drop audio files into them. Here’s the sound-mixing interface:



Pamela is an easy way to get audio from anyone, anywhere! Happy recording 🙂

For the noobs,

Mollie Durkin


~ by molliedurkin on October 2, 2012.

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