How to Put a YouTube Video on your Webpage!

Everyone knows how great YouTube is! So why not bring it to your webpage? Tune in to learn how…

The first thing you’re going to want to you is find the YouTube link you want to use and copy the link. Next, open up Dreamweaver and decide where you would like to place your video. I decided to put mine on the home page of my website.

Next, once you decide where you would like to place your video… you’re going to type this code:


If you don’t want your video to be centered on your page then simply take away the <center> and </center>

Next, adjust the height and width to make sure your video is the right size for your webpage. Now listen carefully this step is very important!!! Once you copy and paste the youtube link into your code, your link will probably look something like this:

In order for this video to appear in your webpage, you’re going to delete the watch?v= and replace it with embed/ so now the link that is in your code should look like this:

Good job! You’ve successfully put a YouTube video in your webpage! It should look something like this:


Hope you enjoy bringing the world of YouTube to your webpage!!

-Emily V.


~ by mvicens426 on October 7, 2012.

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