Fixing a Crooked Image

Do you have an image that is crooked and needs to be straightened?

Here are two simple ways to fix your image to look the way you want:

The first way is through the use of the crop tool. First you want to select the crop tool from the tool bar. Next using the crop box, highlight the area you want to straighten. Next, rotate the image whichever way you feel makes it straight. Ensure that all four corners of the picture are in the cropped area, this means be sure that all the parts of the picture you plan to use are in area.

The next way to fix a crooked image is the straight tool. First select the options bar, double check that the crop tool is selected and then select the “straight tool”. Next, drag the line ,that appears when you click the straight tool, on a straight edge. When you remove your cursor from the page, the image will rotate to ensure that the image is now straight.

In both methods, make sure the “Delete Cropped Pixels” are not checked because the image outside of the cropped box will be deleted. If you want to delete the outside edge then be sure to click on this box.

Hope this helped!

-Julia M


~ by jmorrison14 on October 8, 2012.

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