Creating a Beautiful Collage

Do you want your photos to be set up in an interesting format? Well, here is an easy way to do it!

Use photoshop to create a new project and select the specific size that you want the total collage to look. Next, open all of the photos that you want to put in the collage. You have to resize the photos for the correct amount of pixels that you would like to see on your webpage.  To do that step you can go to “image” – “image size” and then type the amount of pixels that you want your photo to be. Make sure that the “constrain proportions” box is checked so that your image does not get skewed.

image size

After you have resized all of your photos, drag the top tab of the photo that you want in the collage over top of the blank white “new project” that you created in the beginning. As you pull the tabs over each other the “new project” page will open and you can place the photo wherever you want in the collage. Do this with each photo. Also, you can leave spaces in between each photo of the collage so that there will be a boarder around each picture.

Another thing to spice up your collage is to change the background color from white. To do this go to your background color and change it to whatever you like!

background color~Jacquelyn Fisher


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  1. Another thing you can do is to change the images on the fly, or as you are putting them into your collage. I like to select the image with the Rectangular Marquee Tool to cut a square out of the picture.

    Just select the square from the picture and right mouse click that layer and go to “Layer Via Cut”. Now there is that rectangle and everything else unwanted is cut out.

    You can also use the “Lasso Tool” or the “Magic Wand” to cut unique shapes from your image.

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