Eye Popping Eye Colors!

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to change the eye color within a photo you have taken? Well, this quick and easy Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to do just that!

To begin, open the image you want to edit in Photoshop. To make the editing easier and more precise, zoom your image to the eye or eyes that you wish to change. (TIP: you can use the zoom command CTRL + or CTRL – to zoom in or out of your image). Next you will select your paint brush and choose a size that is appropriate for your image. At this time you will also change the hardness of your brush. This depends on preference but a suggested size to use would be around 30%. After you have done this hit Q or the Quick Mask button to go into the Quick Mask mode.The icon is depicted below.

Now you will use the brush that you have selected to paint in the area of the iris. After you are happy with the paint job, exit the Quick Mask mode to get back to the original image. Hit Q again to complete this command. At this point everything but the eye should be selected.

To select the eye portion of  your image, go to SELECT then Inverse.

The next step will be to create a layer from the selected portion by hitting CTRL+J. After this layer is created hit CTRL+B to bring up the color balance. Choose any color that you like and play around with other edits till you are happy with your eye color change! Here is an example of a possible eye color change. Enjoy!

By: Felice Amoo-Achampong


~ by feliceamoo on October 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Eye Popping Eye Colors!”

  1. This tutorial was very straight-forward and easy to follow thanks to the specific step-by-step details. The writer appears very knowledgable on the program, which allows the viewer to trust the instructions without worrying that they will be mislead.

  2. Yo Felice. Sweet blog topic. This could be applied to other photo manipulations!

    I love inclusion of short key tips!

    Perhaps the tutorial would be easier to follow if these steps were marked with numbers or began on new lines – some of the steps get lost in a block of text.

    Also, I’d love if the concept of Quick Mask was explained. I got a little lost when we were painting irises — didn’t know what the tool was doing and why. Was I painting the iris black, since the screen shot had black selected? Never fear adding more screen shots if they help explain the steps better.

    Now I’m off to freak my mom out by changing all the eyeballs in my family Christmas photo RED. SATANxLIVES.

  3. Nice idea, though my first instinct is to say the tutorial caters to only a small audience. It does, however, give insight on how to change colors and use a couple different features on photoshop. Looking forward to messin with the colors of eyes in my own photos!

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