How to apply pro photo effects in seconds

Did you know you can add awesome photo effects to your pictures in seconds? With Color Lookup Adjustment (new in CS6),  it’s easy and fun.

The Color Lookup adjustment is a hidden gem in CS6. To access it, go Window -> Adjustments and select Color Lookup adjustment.

Then click on any of the three drop-down menus to pick the color profile you’d like to use. I found the 3Strip Look very useful because it works well with almost all of my pictures.

On the left is my original picture and on the right is the picture with the 3Strip Look effect. This after-effect makes the picture lighter and the contrast of the colors stronger.

There are other fabulous effects offered by Photoshop. Give it a try and you can probably get any effect you want.

With this quick tip, you can easily edit your picture without learning many techniques. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my post.


Yang Chen


~ by yangchen29 on October 14, 2012.

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  1. This was a quick and effective blog post that got right to the point. My only suggestion would be to add an explanation of some of the different color profiles, maybe listing what a few of them (other than 3Strip) actually do. It’s good that you provided a few examples of some of the different profiles at the end, but maybe also providing the names of each profile could give a better idea of how to use these effects.

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