Photoshop Basics: Adding and Making New Brushes

As a Photoshop beginner, there is a lot that I don’t know.  However, I do know that it is really important to have a good set of brushes in Photoshop.  Also, you are not limited by the set of brushes that Photoshop provides for you.  In fact, there are a few ways to get new and different brushes.


The first way is to simply download them from the Internet.  There a many different websites that have a ton of different brush sets. is a site that a few tutorials recommended and I also personally like. Browse through the site to find sets of brushes, then download them to your computer.  Here are a few different images of brush sets you can download:




To add the newly downloaded brushes to your brushes on Photoshop, go to the brushes menu on the top right side of your Photoshop screen.  When you open it, there should be either a triangle in the right side of the menu or a cog, depending on which version of Photoshop you have.  Then, click on the cog or triangle and a drop down menu will appear.  One of the options should read “Load brushes,” select this option and then select the downloaded brush files you want to add to the menu.  They should then appear in the brushes menu.




Another way to get new brushes on Photoshop is to make your own!  To do this, you need to start out with a new file, with a transparent background.  You can select a transparent background when you open a new file, there will be an option for “Background content,” under the drop down there will be a “transparent” option.  Select the “transparent” option and this will give you a new file with a transparent background.  The transparent file should look something similar to this:



Then, you should select one of the brushes already in your brushes menu.  Then, using the brush, draw an image that you want to make into a new brush.  Here, the user made a scratch drawing:



When you are happy with the image that your brush will make, go to “edit.”  Then select, “define brush preset.”  Finally, type in the name that you would like to give your new brush and click “ok.”


Ultimately, these different ways to get new and different brushes on Photoshop will help you make even better Photoshop images!



Becky Brown


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