The Beauty of Sound

Sound is a beautiful creation. Without it, the world would not be the lively, bustling place it is today. Adding audio to your website will captivate your users so much more. There are many easy ways to insert audio to your site. For now, we will just focus on one source, Yahoo Media Player. It plays a variety of formats, including mp3. Yahoo will do all the work after a few simple steps in Dreamweaver.

First insert this JavaScript at the bottom of your web page:


With a single line of code, you can play a whole song on your webpage. Simply link to your audio files in your HTML:

<a href=”CallMeMaybe.mp3″>Play Sound</a>

The JavaScript code automatically produces a play button for each form of sound. If you hit the button, a full player will pop up. The player will always be prepared for operation at the bottom of your window. You can simply click on it to slide it out. Piece of cake!

Audio is a great addition to websites. Personally, it keeps me coming back to a site and convinces me to stay on the page longer, especially if a catchy song is playing.

An added bonus to this Yahoo Media Player option: it’s free!

Best of luck!

Kim Bizal


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