The Glossy Font Effect on Photoshop

Do you want a font that looks like glass?

If so, these next few steps will help you!

The first step is to type the text you want to have the effect on. Next, double click on the text layer and click on Gradient Overlay. In this window, the “Blend Mode” should be normal. The “Opacity” should be 100%. The “Gradient” can be whatever color you desire. Next under “styles” click “Bevel and Emboss”. In this screen the “Style” should be Inner Bevel. The “Technique” should be smooth. Under “Blending Options” click Inner Shadow. In this screen the “Blend Mode” should be Multiply. The “Opacity” should be at 77%. Lastly, click on “Drop Shadow”. In this screen the “Blend Mode” should also be Multiply. The “Opacity” should be at 75%. The “Distance” should be 6px.

In the end your text will look like this:

Hope this helped!

-Julia M


~ by jmorrison14 on October 14, 2012.

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  1. Hey Julia!

    This seems like a great idea.

    It would be super helpful with more screen shots so I can visualize the process. Also, numbering your steps or separating them by lines may help the reader to follow the directions better.

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