Automatically sync up two audio files

Here’s a useful trick I’ve found for Adobe Audition where you can sync up two voice tracks or any two recordings with each other. This is a great way to take two recordings of two different people saying the same line, and syncing them up so both voices say the same line of dialog at the same pace. This effect is often used in advertisements and television for emphasis.

In order to do this, create a new multitrack and drag in the two audio files you would like to sync up like so.


Most likely, the two audio files will have different durations and tempos. All you have to do is select both audio files at the same time and then right click. Now, select “Automatic Speech Alignment…”. A window will pop up and ask you to choose a reference clip. The reference clip is the audio file with the duration and speed you want to sync the other audio file to. In other words, when the two audio files are synced, they will have the duration of the reference clip. Also, make sure that the “Unaligned Clip” is the second audio file (the one that will be synced up to the reference clip.)

Click OK and Audition will now sync up the unaligned clip with the reference clip.


Like the example above, a copy of the bottom clip is placed between the two audio clips, except this copy will be aligned with the reference clip.  Now all you have to do is delete the bottom unaligned clip. Now play the multitrack from the beginning and you should now hear the two separate audio tracks play exactly in sync with one another. This is a great way to make the audio effect of a duel voice speaking a line of dialog or just syncing up two audio sound recordings.

-Zach Aaron


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