Embed Your Audio Invisibly

This tutorial will teach you how to insert audio into your web page.  It will allow you to decide whether you want your sound player hidden or visible.  I think the hidden version is neat because most audio skins look out of place on webpages.  So, here we go.

The coding is rather simple here.

Start with

<Embed  SRC= ”file_location.wav”

Here, “file_location.wav” is the location of your audio file.  If you are using Dreamweaver the file should be saved into your index folder.

Next we can put the size of the audio player.  Even though it will be hidden it is still necessary.

Height = 20 width = 100

Now comes the best part.  This section of code will make the audio player invisible to people who visit your site.

Hidden = true

The music will start playing automatically, too, if you use this code:

Autostart = true

If you want your sound clips to play over and over again you can apply this code:

Loop= true

Or if you’d rather it just play once, then use:


You can use any integer, but I want mine to play over and over and over.

So, the final code will appear as:

<Embed  SRC= ”file_location.wav”  Height= 20 width =100 Hidden=true AUTOSTART=true Loop= true

This should allow you to implement sound in your web space.


~ by krystalseth on October 15, 2012.

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