Fun With Voice Effects

Trying to record a conversation or dialogue, but the sound of the vocals just is not picking up like you want it to? Instead of trying multiple takes, an easy solution is to add “Voice Effects” to the audio clip via a sound editing program.

To begin, open your audio file in Soundbooth. On the left-hand side of the program, locate and select the “Effects” tab (in the same box as “Tasks”, “Markers” and “Properties”).

In the “Effects Rack”, locate the drop-down box labeled “Stereo Rack Presets”. The selection for this box should currently read as “Empty” (since no effects have been added to the file yet).

Click the drop-down arrow and find/select the voice effect (“Voice:      “) you wish to add to your audio file. Available voice effects include: “Male”, “Female”, “Narrator”, “Old Time Radio” and “Telephone”.

**Important Note – If you wish to only modify/alter one section of the audio file, make sure you highlight and select that specific section.**

Finally, select “Apply to File” and the voice effect will be added to your audio file.

Tutorial By: Marley Rodgers


~ by mer75 on October 15, 2012.

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