****** ****: Hey you can’t say that!!!

“If they used the original it would get noisy from the legal front.”

Gintama Episode 71

So whenever I watch Gintama they make so many references and crude jokes that in order to keep their 6:00PM show time they frequently bleep out words. Today, in Audition, I will show you how to *** *** and bleep out words.

In Audition use the Time Select Tool to select the time that you want bleeped out. It doesn’t matter how long the time is for but for real effect make sure the first and last syllable are still heard, this will keep the listener thinking about what was said.


Next go to “Effects” and select “General Tones”


This will bring up a multitude of options to create a sound. The main thing to think about on this screen is the Frequency. Most of the bleeps on TV shows and radios are a 1KHz sound (1000Hz frequency). Go to “Base Frequency” and move it to “1000Hz”.


Click “OK” and the selected audio will be WRITTEN OVER by the bleeped part.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and now go out and **** ***** ****.

-Josh Jones


~ by Arainami on October 15, 2012.

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