Playing with Balance in Adobe Audition

Ever wanted to make it seem like footsteps are creeping up to your listener from one side and then “walking” past”? In Audition, it’s pretty easy to make something like that come to life.

Let’s start by opening a new multitrack session by going to File>New>Multitrack Session.

Multitrack Menu

Our multitrack setup with three tracks inside of it.

This is actually really easy to do! All you have to do is grab the blue bar running horizontally and slide it up or down. Admittedly, this  creates a problem because it would result in the ENTIRE track being balanced to whatever you moved it to. To fix this, we use what are called keyframes (Keep that name in the back of your mind, because it’ll come up in Premiere as well). You can see those in the picture below.


Our keyframes and blue balance bar.

Basically, you want to listen to your track to determine when you want to change the balance, then create two keyframes. Why two? One is used to “hold” the balance (The one in yellow in the above image) and the other will actually move the balancer. This is important, because the audio will change after your “holder” keyframe, kind of like this:


Edited keyframes.

Notice how the audio moved (and faded rather than just jumping to one side; you can adjust that by sliding your second keyframe from left to right) only after the keyframe. That’s because the first frame just held the balance of everything before it so that it wouldn’t be affected.

Eventually, you’ll probably want to re-center your audio. That’s not a problem at all in Audition! Just follow these steps in reverse, kind of like what I did above with my third and final keyframe.

So there you have it, a quick and simple way to modify your balance in Adobe Audition!


-Ryan Craig


~ by ryanwcraig on October 15, 2012.

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