Make Your Sound Stand Out

There are plenty of splendid features to use in both Premiere and Audition. One feature I think is particularly unique is Stretch and Pitch. If you want to make a specific section of your audio clip longer and more dramatic, this is the tool for you!

First and foremost, you must open Premiere and import your sounds. Go to Import > then choose a sound or video of your liking > Import. Next, simply drag it onto the timeline, right click (or Control Click for Mac users), and choose Edit Clip in Adobe Audition.

This will open up Audition with your sound clip. It’s a good idea to always make a Multitrack folder and place copies of your audio under this folder. To do this, click on the third icon to the right under the Files tab and select New Multitrack Session.

Next, drag your audio over to the right in the editor area and simply double click on it to work with it.

When you’re done all this essential business, it is finally time to start transforming your sound clip.

I have a 22 second clip, and only want to work with the end of it. Thus, I will truncate the beginning off and essentially zoom in to the section I want to use.

In my audio clip, I have an exceptional segment where a woman makes a quick terrified shriek. This scream lasts only about half a second. I think it would enhance my piece to make her shriek last longer. First, I highlight the exact section I want to work with.

Next, navigate to Effects > Time and Pitch > Stretch and Pitch (process)…

This will bring you to the Stretch and Pitch window. Here, I want to change some numbers under the Duration tab. My current duration, represented on the left hand side, is .443 seconds. I will manually drag over the value on the right hand side (the new duration) to about 1.4 seconds. And then click Ok.

As you can see, my selection widened drastically. When I listen to the whole piece, the woman’s scream is significantly extended and essentially more dramatic. Now, the section really stands out!

Hope you can make use of the nice feature. Good luck!

Kim Bizal


~ by kmb221 on October 17, 2012.

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