Blending essentials: Not just for makeup

How to Merge to Images together

Now there are plenty of ways to merges images to together on phototshop, but most of them will end up making you look like a 12 year old who just discovered paint. Using things like the eraser tool in order to blend images results in poor transitions. Blending should create a flow between images. I’m about to show you the professional way to merge your images together.

  1. Place your two images where you want them to be in relation to each other.  Make sure they are both smart objects so that you can adjust them

2. Create a mask on the top layer that you want to blend onto the bottom. The button for a mask is under the layers. It is a circle encased by a square.
3.Take the brush tool and brush out the edges of the image that you don’t want. Make sure the brush is 0 hardness and 100% opacity. Also make sure that your color is black and that you are painting on the mask NOT the picture.

4. Once you have gotten the edge for the image you want lower the opacity of the brush and go smooth out the edges.

5. Continue lowering the opacity and smoothing out the edges until you have the smooth transition you want.

This will result in a beautiful blending without cutting or erasing anything. Remember subtly is key.

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