Audition CS6 – Editing and Trimming Audio Clips

While working with my audio files, I found one of the first procedures I had to master was trimming audio clips. I wanted to adjust where two clips touched, in order to work towards my final audio product. This seems to be a frequently used procedure that is crucial to creating a fully edited audio piece. I hope you find these steps useful and easy to follow while editing your own audio project!

The tools you will need are in the Toolbar located at the top of the Audition window. The first tool is the “Razor Selected Clips Tool”, which gives you the option to cut a single clip, selected clips, or all of your audio clips. In order to do this, first you must click the razor blade and position it where you want to cut the audio clips. In order to delete a portion of your audio clip, simply select it and press the “Delete” key.

Another crucial tool is the “Time Selection Tool”, which allows you to select regions of a clip to delete. In order to do this, you just click and drag across the portion of audio clip you want to delete. The selected region will change to a white color. After that you have three different options to delete the audio clip. One, pressing “Delete” will delete the time selection and leave a gap in the deletion separation. Two, pressing “Option” + “Delete” will delete the time selection and the gap. Then the final option is pressing “Shift” + “Command” + “Delete” which will delete the time selection and the gap, as well as pull up all audio clips below the deletion point.

After arranging your audio clips and deleting the portions of unwanted audio, the next step involves trimming the ends of your clip. This step is necessary because the end of a clip is not selectable and, therefore, can not be edited in the previous steps described above. In order to trim the end of a clip, click the lower edge of the clip and drag. If you want to trim multiple clips at the same time, simply group the clips first by typing “Command” + “G”, as shown in the image below.

The final step in the trimming process is to add fades. In the upper corner at the end of each clip is a gray square-shaped box. Dragging the box sideways will allow you to establish a fade, as shown in the first image directly below. Dragging the box up or down will allow you to add a curve to the fade, as shown in the second image below. Finally, your trimming process is complete!



I hope this process gets you started on your way to mastering Audition CS6 and to creating finely edited audio files.

Good luck!

~ Amber McAteer



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