Edit your audio with Parametric Equalizer

Parametric Equalizer is a simple and effective tool to quickly edit a whole series of frequencies in your audio. To access Parametric Equalizer, you can either go Effects -> Filter and EQ -> Parametric Equalizer or go to Effects Rack.

Parametric Equalizer is much easier to work with than the standard Graphic Equalizer because you don’t have to play with individual settings, which I find a little bit annoying.

Now you can adjust the frequencies to make your audio sound better. Generally speaking, I tend to keep the middle one on the line because it begins to sound a little bit robotic and weird if it goes off the line. Another amazing feature is that if your audio has a particular problem with a particular frequency, you can change the Q / Width to narrow down the frequency range. Or alternatively, you can widen the Q / Width (usually lower than 2) to make a smooth curve.

I hope this little tool makes your audio-editing process easier. Thanks for reading.

Yang Chen


~ by yangchen29 on October 21, 2012.

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