How to Add an Echo

Adding in echo to a sound piece may sound like such a remedial effect to add but it actually can add a pretty great effect that other things can’t!

First open your sound project in Adobe Audition and go to effects then go to “Delay and Echo” and choose “delay…”. You can apply this to a specific part of your project by using the Time Selection Tool to select the part of your project you would like to add the effect to.

This effect can easily enhance a project by making a specific sound be amplified and repeated. In my project I have the sound of a hammer and construction and when this effect is added it makes the construction more constant and prevalent.

Another great thing that this tool does is gives you choices on how much echo you want or how much delay you would like. There are many other options on how you would like your echo to sound.

My favorite effect choice that it gives is “echo bounce”. If you put a check mark in this option then it makes the echo bounce from one ear to the other. This effect sounds really awesome when you are wearing headphones.

I hope this influenced you to try to add the echo effect to make your project sound even better!

~Jacquelyn Fisher


~ by jmf147 on October 21, 2012.

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