Noise Reduction Effect

Do you have unwanted noise in the background of your audio recording?

Follow these simple steps and you can remove or diminish the unwanted noise.

First you want to select a section of the audio that just has sound and is at minimal half a second.

Next, choose “Effects” under effects choose “Noise Reduction/Restoration” and then “Capture Noise Print”.

In the Editor panel, select the range that you want to remove noise.

Once again, choose “Effects” then “Noise Reduction/Restoration” and then “Noise Reduction”.

Lastly, set the desired options.

If you are looking to quickly remove crackle and static from recordings, you can use the Noise Reduction/Restoration> Automatic Click Remover effect. This tool always you to correct a large piece of audio at once.

– Julia M


~ by jmorrison14 on October 21, 2012.

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