That SOUNDS cool!

So you have just finished creating an awesome sound track and you are dying to upload it to your webpage. Problem is, you are not quite sure how to do so on Dreamweaver. No fear! This tutorial will teach you how to upload your soundtrack to Dreamweaver in a few simple steps!

First, make sure that your sound file is saved in a format that will be able to function properly and that it is also not too large in size. Once your sound formatting is correct, open up your page in Dreamweaver.

Go to the Insert tab on the top of the menu bar, scroll over Media and depending on your file type, choose an option. For my file, I used Shockwave. Once you have done this a pop up menu will appear in which you will be prompted to select your media file you wish to publish. Click Open once you have found and highlighted your sound clip.

At this stage HTML formatting will appear on your Source Code and a Plugin Icon will show on the design view of your webpage. To change its positioning, size and other features, click on the icon and a properties tab will be at the bottom of the screen. Make your desired changes here and don’t forget to save your progress thus far.

Continue to play around with these basic steps until you achieve your desired sound page. Once you are content, save again and upload your page edits to the Web. To ensure that everything is how you want it to be, preview your webpage through any browser. I hope this helped 🙂



Felice Amoo-Achampong



~ by feliceamoo on October 21, 2012.

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