Fun With Echo Effects

Is your sound project turning out a little boring? Want to spice it up by trying out new effects? Well, one interesting (and easy) effect you should try out is the “Echo Effect”, which can be added to any audio file via a sound editing program.

So to begin, open your audio file in Soundbooth. If you wish to only modify/alter one section of the audio file, make sure you highlight and select that specific section now.

Next in the “Effects” drop-down menu, locate and click Delay And Echo > Echo. The will open up a box that will give you the ability to produce a series of repeated (and decreasing) echoes, that can range as you varying the multiple controls (delay time, feedback and echo level).

The “Delay Time” slider controls the number of seconds (or milliseconds) between each of the echoes. The “Feedback” slider controls the rate at which echo decreases (in sound) from the previous echo. The “Echo Level” slider controls the percentage of the echo which is mixed with the original sound being echoed.

Spend some time playing around and experimenting with the controls to find the “echo effect” you are looking for. When you have achieved this, remember to click “Apply” before closing the box so that the effects will save to the selected clip.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully added “Echo Effects” to your audio file. Congrats!


Tutorial By: Marley Rodgers


~ by mer75 on October 22, 2012.

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