Hosting Videos “Off Site”

Even though I don’t use Pitt’s web hosting, I still like to host videos with free services if I can. Large files like videos may not use a huge amount of bandwidth initially, but they can add up if you have many people looking at your site. My host of choice is YouTube, and it’s really quite simple to add a YouTube embed to your website.

First, you’re going to need a YouTube account. This can also be your Gmail account or just about anything you may have with Google. First, we’re going to upload a video. To do that, log in and then click “Upload” > Upload Files from Computer. Then navigate to your file(s) and click “Select”.

You’ll then come across a video information screen as your videos are uploading. Scroll down until you hit something that looks like this:

video information youtube

Our video information page.

Title, tag, and add a description just like you would a WordPress post. One more thing — because we’re not uploading these videos for the world to see (Unless you want to!), it’s probably best to set the Privacy Settings to “Unlisted”. That way, no one will need to log in to see your video, but you’ll need a link to find it. From here, let’s actually embed the video into our site!

Go to the actual video in YouTube (You can click the “View Video” button at the top of the video info page) and right click the video player. From there, click “copy embed HTML”. It’s that easy! Then all you have to do is paste it into your HTML like so:

PHP code

Our HTML embedded in our site.

And there you have it, our finished video! (Pardon my lack of styling, however!)

video uploaded

Our uploaded video!

–Ryan Craig


~ by ryanwcraig on October 22, 2012.

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