Make Your Conversations Interesting: The Doppler Effect

So when someone is talking to you and that person is sitting to the right of you the sound only comes in through your right ear. We can create the same effect through Audition.

Say we have two people having a conversation, and it is in one sound file. Open the sound file and create a new “Multitrack Session”. Drag that conversation into the Session. Using the “Time Selection Tool” and the “Split” command (right mouse click the selected time) slip the conversation into two tracks.

After that it is pretty easy. Go to the sound wave symbol that gets smaller in the middle. For one person type “R100” and for the other “L100”, this means 100% in the Right Speaker and 100% in the Left Speaker respectively.


Now if you play the conversation one person will be talking on your left and the other will be talking from your right. It will feel that you’re in the middle of their conversation.

Have fun with this!

To make things like footsteps go across the room  put each step on its own track and shift over from left to right 25% each.

Cutting your hair have a few snips at R50 and then switch to L50. The next have R25 and L25. The clippings get closer.


-Josh Jones


~ by Arainami on October 22, 2012.

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