Record directly into Adobe Audition

If your audio tracks include some sort of voiceover, this is a quick way to make a voice track by recording your own voice directly into audition. First, you’ll need to select the actual device that you’ll be recording through, such as a USB microphone or laptop mic. Click Audition > Preferences > Audio Hardware like the following example.


A window wil pop up asking you to select your desired input and output devices (such as a microphone and speaker, respectively). When ready, click OK. Now you are ready to record your own voice. All you have to do is click File > New > Audio File to create a single tracked audio file to record into. Name the audio file and click OK to have a new, blank audio file. Now just click the red “Record” button at the bottom of the screen and begin speaking to record your voice.


Whenever you are done speaking, you can press the space bar to end the recording. You can then add to your recording if you’d like by selecting any place in the audio file and clicking the Record button again.

Now you’ll have a new audio file of your voice recording, all done right in audition itself.

– Zach Aaron


~ by zaa918 on October 22, 2012.

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