removing vocals from a track

First open up Audition and create a new multitrack.  Click import new file.  Once the file appears in the multitrack, drag it into the time line.  Right click on the track and select “split”.  

Next, click the “Fx” button to the left of your track’s wave form.  A blank list of slots will appear that you can now add effects to.  Click the carrot arrow in slot one to bring down a drop down menu.  Find the menu option that says “Stereo Imagery,” click there and another drop down menu appears.  From this one select “center channel extractor”.  A box appears and you want to access the pull down menu within it, at the top of the box.  You will see options for karaoke, acapella, and vocal remove.  I chose vocal remove.  

This preset wiped all the vocals from the track i was working on and left the guitars, drums, and base.  This effect is nice for sampling beats, or providing yourself and friends with a nice karaoke track.  

Seth S


~ by krystalseth on October 22, 2012.

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