Make text move in premiere

Here’s a way you can insert text into your videos and make it move around. First, click the new item icon in the Project box and then select “Title…”. Name the title and create your desired text in the following window. When you are done and you have left the text creator, you should find a file with the title name you’ve just created. Drag this file into your video timeline wherever you want the text to appear in the video.

Now that your text in in your timeline, click it so that it is highlighted. Next, click “Effect Controls” in the top right corner. Now click on the arrow next to “Motion controls and a few options should pop up. For the moving text across the video, you want to use the Position effect.


First click the stopwatch in the Position line and set two keyframes in the mini time frame within Effect Controls. This will set the time interval in which the text should be moving. Drag one of the keyframes all the way to the right. Now it’s time to select the final location of the text, in other words, where it will move to. Do this by adjusting the two values in the Position line (the left value controls horizontal position and the right values controls vertical position).

Once this is set, play the video. You will see that during the timespan you have set, the text will slowly move from its initial point to the new position you have set in Effect Controls. If you’d like, you can also adjust the speed and locations by changing the keyframes and position values.

– Zach Aaron


~ by zaa918 on October 26, 2012.

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