Make Your Video Echo with Premiere

One cool effect I learned recently with Adobe Premiere is “Echoing.” Just like sound, this tool makes it possible for the images in your video to “echo” within the film as a way to bring everything together in a meaningful and artistic way. At the very least, it will make your video look cooler.  The process is fairly simple. First, you have to import your video into the project to work on the sequence. Click File > Import> and then open up the folder with your video file like so:

Once you have your file, click on the Effect Controls tab at the top of the page to start editing. Scroll down to the effects tab at the bottom left corner and click the arrow next to the folder titled Time. From there, click on the editing tool labeled Echo.

Echo will now show up underneath your “Video Effects” tab. To use all of the features within Echo, make sure to click the arrow to the side of it to expand on all your options.

The “Echo Time” tab basically indicates how quickly you want your echoed scene to show up on the screen, which has a major influence on how the overall sequence looks. I put mine at 2.371, but yours will depend on what kind of effect your going for. You can choose the number of echoes you want in your film for the effect as well and customize the echo operation for a unique look. I chose the blend tool for mine.


Here’s my final result!


Cool, isn’t it?

Cool, isn’t it?


– Natalie Russell



~ by Madame Psychosis on October 29, 2012.

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