Utilizing a Background Track in Premiere

In every epic movie the climax has some music to really trigger some sort of emotion with the views. A background track is very important to set the mood to your video. In this tutorial I will give some small things that will help with putting sound/music into your project.

Importing a sound is easy just go to “File -> Import” and you can choose a audio file like you choose a video.

Once you’ve imported an audio file it is as easy as drag and drop into your “Audio 2” or “Audio 3” slots (“Audio 1” being used by you video).

Once you have chosen the right place to set the audio file compare the total sound of the video + the background track. A good choice is to have the background track quite enough that you can hear speaking and actions but loud enough to drown out ambient noises in the video.

To increase/decrease the volume of the background track it is as easy as right mouse click and choose “Audio Gain”.


By default the “Gain” will be set to 0dB (“set Gain to:” at the top of the pop-up box). Enter a negative number to lower the volume of your track and a positive number to increase the volume. Once you press “OK”  the numbers will change in the “Peak Amplitude”, for example I lowered the volume by -5 dB.

If you want to do more complicated sound editing I suggest you edit the sound in Audition or Soundbooth. Take the sound file and right mouse click, choose “Edit Clip in Adobe Audition”.

Have Fun

-Josh Jones


~ by Arainami on October 29, 2012.

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