Tips that would have helped me

So after everything is edited and uploaded, I find all these helpful tips and hints that would have helped me skim some time off of the video process. So I give you the three tips that would have helped me with this project.

1. Importing files directly to Premiere

-I’m use  to camera, to hard drive, and then to program. That’s the way of the world. Apparently Adobe doesn’t believe in the hard drive middle man. By connecting your camera and opening  Adobe Premiere, you can start a new project and go to File > Capture to import your media from your camcorder directly.


-I thought making three copies of the original would save the original. No dice. Something always happens where get drags in and altered. Move your copies to another file entirely.

3. Locking media

-You can lock media together so that further editing doesn’t separate them. Click on the video clip to highlight it. Hold Control and click on the clip. Right-click in one of them and select “Link” or “Group.” Now they’re clued together.

So these are the tips I learned as I went along with this project. Happy editing.



~ by ourladyofperpetualsarcasm on October 31, 2012.

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