How to Drag Only Video to Your Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.0

If you’ve ever wanted to drag just the video onto a timeline because you want to have a separate audio track playing instead, it has never been easier than with the simple function in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.0.

The first step is to make sure you have the required clip in your project space located in the lower left corner of the workspace.

From here you should grab the file you want and drag it UP into the SOURCE workspace.  Dragging it straight to the timeline will cause the audio to come along with it!

Once in the SOURCE workspace, hover over the film clip icon at the bottom of the video.  Drag that icon to where you want the video to go on the timeline.  By dragging that icon, you are telling Premiere to only use the video of this clip.

After dragging to the timeline, you will notice that the only the video has been placed in the timeline.  From here you can add whatever audio you want to the audio track.


Enjoy your new sounds on your classic videos!


-Dylan A.


~ by mrfunnymandyl on November 5, 2012.

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