Adding Titles to Videos

When working in premiere one of the things I needed to know how to do right off the bat was how to add titles to my video. I am doing different time cuts in my video so it was really important that I was able to neatly organize everything so that it would make sense to the viewer what was going on.

To add a title this is what I did:

First, Position the current-time indicator at the point on the clip where you want to add the title. For example I do this a each new time cut. Select Text, New Text, and choose Default Still, Default Roll, or Default Crawl. These are personal preference on what you pick. I use still.

Next, Position the current-time indicator on the clip to display it on the monitor panel. Drag a title template from the Titles And Text panel and drop it on the Monitor Panel. From here you can type and add in the title you would like to appear.

I know this seems simple but it is a very effective method for organizing video. It allows the viewer to keep up with what is going on. 

-Olivia Allegretto 


~ by oma12 on November 6, 2012.

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