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So, you have two clips cut a bit roughly together.  What you need are some transitions.  First open up the “Effects” tab.  Then Click “Video Transitions” and then “Dissolve”.  Play around a bit here to find the right transition.  “Fade to Black”  is good for soft cuts, and “Film Dissolve” is better iff the cuts are a bit harsher.  Keeping your transitions the same throughout your piece might be beneficial to keep things uniform.  If you want to quickly do this, heres how:

Right click on the effect you want to use uniformly.  Select “Set Selected as Default Transition.”  Now you can highlite all the clips on the timeline you want the effect to affect.  Next go to “Sequence” in the top tool bar.  Drp it down and select “Apply Default Transition to Selection.”  Now all your clips will include the transition you selected as your default.

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~ by krystalseth on November 6, 2012.

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