Utilizing a Super Simple Video Converter

Do you want to jazz up your website by adding a YouTube video or your own handcrafted video to it? Previously, I posted a blog about the coding involved in uploading videos to your sites. However, in order to play videos on your websites, you must first convert your files to both .mpg and .ogg formats, to ensure that it is compatible across browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, AND Safari. How do you do this conversion quickly, easily, and for free? That’s what I am here for.

I strongly recommend you download this brilliant converter. No need to worry – this program is completely safe and 100% free.

Today, I will walk you through how to use this nifty converter. After downloading the program, which takes only seconds, you will be brought to the following page:

After finding a video of your liking, copy its URL and right-click in the center area of the converter program and choose Paste URL.

Next, it is vital to choose an output format. First, select the MP3 option as follows:

The next step is to select Tags… button and set tags for output MP3 files. The program automatically fills the title tag and the artwork for you. Then choose the quality you wish to use…

Finally, you are ready to download. Click the Download button and wait just a FEW seconds.

Check your audio files by clicking the folder that appears once your download is complete. Follow the same steps to convert your format to OGG.

It’s that simple! Your video is now compatible across browsers. I hope this program comes in handy for you!

Best of luck.
~Kim Bizal


~ by kmb221 on November 6, 2012.

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