Adding Blur to Your Video

For an introduction or a closing to a video, a blur is a pretty great choice. Having a blur can also add an interesting transition to your video that intrigues the audience.

My video was taken with some very poor video skills so at parts it is shaky and hard to watch. I found that by adding a blur to those parts can make my video a more bearable.  It also looks artsy and fun. So give it a try!

Here’s how! First, go to the effects tab and select “video effects” this will bring down another list of choices where you will choose “Blur and Sharpen”. Next you can look through the different blur choices and decide which one will suit your video the best. For my video I chose “compound blur”. This makes it look more pixilated and overall more blurry of course!

effects tabSee where to find it? Good! So once you have located the blur in the effects tab just drag it over to the clip that you want it to be displayed on and drop it. It will automatically change your video clip with the effect that you desire. Here’s what my video looked like after the compound blur was added.

Video I have also added a Title to my video clip but the blur does not affect the title because I have only placed it on top of my video.

I hope this helped you get some ideas for your own project!

~Jacquelyn Fisher


~ by jmf147 on November 11, 2012.

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