Creating still frames with Premiere

Hi everyone. I was working on my video project today and creating some still frames has been really helpful to me. My video interviews students from Pitt, intended to figure out how stressful they could be before exams, and sometimes I need to freeze a frame to add some descriptions of their personal information.

First I need to export a frame that I want to freeze. Click the Export Frame icon in the toolbar under the Source monitor.

Select a format for the still image and save it to a local location. I tend to keep them organized in my video folder, because it is so easy for them to get lost.

Now I need to import the still frame from my local folder to the Project Panel. Load it into the Source monitor and mark it with the In and Out for the duration I need. Then click the Insert button to put the still frame into the Timeline.

This process can create a seamless edit between the still frame and the clip, as long as you keep the playhead of the moment you export the frame the same as the moment you edit it back into the Timeline.

I hope this technique could be useful to you too. Thank you all for reading my blog post.

Yang Chen


~ by yangchen29 on November 11, 2012.

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