The Ghost Effect

Hello classmates!

Would you like to know how to use the ghost effect for Adobe Premiere Pro? Do you know what the ghost effect is? Well, don’t worry. I am here to explain everything. The ghost effect allows you to edit your video exactly how the name describes. You can change the opacity of a person shown in the video and make them appear to essentially be a “ghost-like” figure. This process, however, begins with how you capture the scene on your camera. First, you must shoot the scene without the person in the shot. This will be a shot of an empty scene. Then, you have to shoot the same exact scene again, but with the addition of the person or “ghost” in the same frame. It is important to maintain the same frame for both shots. So make sure you don’t move the camera!

Once the shots are taken, import both into Adobe Premiere. Place the empty shot on the first video track and the other shot on the second track. Then, change the opacity of the ghost shot to approximately 30%. The opacity option can be found under Video Effects, and Blur and Sharping.

You can also use the ghost effect to have a person fade into a particular scene. How quickly the person fades in or out depends on how quickly you set to opacity to change. To do this go back to the Video Effects and alter the “Opacity”. Change the 100% opacity to 0% which turns the image at the beginning of the shot completely transparent. Then when you play the shot, the picture will gradually turn from 0% opacity to 100% opacity, creating the fade in effect. You can set the opacity to 20% or 40% to make the fade in happen more quickly.

I hope you find this useful if you decide to add the ghost effect to your own video! Good luck!

– Amber McAteer


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