How to Customize Themes in Premiere

First, choose the video clips in which you want to work with, this could be all of them or just a few.

Next, in the “Edit Workspace” select “themes”.

Select the theme you want and click next. Pressing “Apply” will add the theme to the whole project. If you want to customize your theme follow the next few steps:

First, for the title you can edit it to make it your own by clicking on the “Title” tab.

For music you have the choice to use the music that is provided or you can click “browse” and find music on your hard drive. You can also use the audio in your video by pressing “no music”.

For duration, you have three choices auto, manual or all clips. In auto the clips, as well as the audio in the background, will match up and end at the same time. In manual you get to decide the duration of the clips in your movie. The last choice is “all clips” which would tell the program to fit all the clips in.

For sequence you have the choice to let the theme choose the order of your clips or you have the ability to choose “time and date” which will order your clips based on the time and date it was recorded.

Each theme adds a beginning and ending clip that introduces the movie as well as titles, menus, transitions, effects, and sound effects. You can choose to deselect any of these elements to customize it to your own choice.

These are just a few ways you can customize your video project in Premiere.

Hope this helped!

-Julia M


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