Fade from Black and White to Color Video

Here’s an easy way I’ve found to make a video fade from black and white to fully colored, or vice-versa. This is a much simpler way of doing this than anything I’ve found on the internet.


With the video you want to edit in your sequence timeline, click the “Razor Tool” in the tools menu next to your sequence. Now pick the part of your video where you’d like to fade in the color and click this part of the timeline with the Razor tool. This will make a cut in your video, making two separate video parts.



Now you can remove the color from the first part of the video by going to the Effects tab and clicking “Video Effects > Image Control > Black & White” and drag this effect to the first part of the video cut. This will make this portion of the video black and white.

Now, once again in the Effects tab, click “Video Transitions > Dissolve > Cross Dissolve” and drag this transitions to the cut in the video you just made. This will cause the videos to fade from one to the other. Since these videos are in sequence of each other, with the only difference being that the first part is in black and white, it will give off an appearance of a black and white video with color eventually fading into the picture.

It’s worth noting that you can also use technique to fade from a colored video to black and white. You can also change the speed that the color fades in by editing the video transition. You could even use this technique to make the colors in the video change using the Change to Color effect.

– Zach Aaron


~ by zaa918 on November 12, 2012.

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