The Importance of Rendering in Adobe Premiere

A vital step that is often times overlooked in the video editing and exporting is the process known as Rendering.


Rendering is highly important, for it blends all of your pieces together, it makes the project one solid file.  Many times, people forget to render, for Premiere does not require it as you export something.  This step is essential for people wishing to put quality videos on the internet, or even to DVD.
Without rendering your workspace, your files can become disjoint in the exporting process and cause problems with browsers and players down the line.  In addition, unrendered files tend to be more pixelated and lower quality than those which were rendered.
So now you understand the importance of Rendering, how do you do it?
In Adobe Premiere,  this is simple.  The first step is to make sure you have zoomed out enough in your workspace such that the whole video is visible.  Then, go to the Sequence menu and choose Render Entire Work Area.  WARNING: Make sure to save before you render, for rendering takes up a lot of CPU and can often take a long time.

After your video is rendered, you are ready to export it to whatever file format you wish!
Remember!  Rendering is an essential step in exporting your videos!


-Dylan A.


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