Dealing With Audition Crashes

If you are like me, you will most likely lose portions of your work, or your work in it’s entirety several times due to software crashes or pressing a button you shouldn’t. While this is not an end all for crashes, it does help to lower them and neutralize them when they do occur.

Tip number 1. STOP. ahem… What I mean is, use the “Stop” button. I know how exciting it can be to play back your audio and you hear something you want fix, and the next thing you know you are cutting, or fading, or sliding your track while it’s still playing. Like a car, you shouldn’t start making repairs while it’s still moving. Better yet, be safe and put it in park. Stop your audio with the stop button, not the pause button, THEN make your changes. This simple tip should help cut down on crashes. If you happen to forget for a second, but remember while in the act of editing, don’t release your click. Try and put your setting back to it’s place when you pressed play.

2. Save As. I saved my project several times with no avail before choosing this method. I find using Save As and then incrementing my project file name (projectV1, projectV2, projectV3) leaves me feeling more secure. The other part of the trick is when you reopen audition after a crash, close the open project file (in the mixer/editor pane, and the file pane). Then go into file, open, open your project. Now you have a versioned history of your project in case you need to undo changes you made quickly without having to backtrack through your edits.

Follow these tips and try not to let Audition frazzle you too much. Good Luck!

-Zac David M


~ by zaclittleberry on November 13, 2012.

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