Censoring in Adobe Premier

If you’re making a video with other people in it, and you never got their consent to film them and want to avoid legal trouble, than this is the how-to for you! All you need is a computer with Adobe Premier on it.

First, open up the movie clip you want to edit in Premier. If it is not already open you can do so by importing it through the File tab. From here, make sure the clip you want is in the time sequence. If it is not, all you have to do is drag and drop it there. Next, get to the part in the clip where you want to start censoring people and their faces. This can be done by simply playing the movie to this point or fast forwarding there.

Now that we are at the spot we want to edit, in the bottom left hand corner there is an Effects tab. Make sure this tab is open, and from here, click on Visual Effects and select Blur and Sharpen. You have the choice of Gaussian Blur and Fast Blur; personally, I prefer the Gaussian Blur. Select one of them, and click the arrow next to the effect to choose how much you want to blur a face; the higher you set the blur the more unrecognizable the face becomes.

Next, take the blur effect you just made and drag it into the video in the timeline. Now, select Video Effects once again in the bottom left, but this time pick Transform. Select Crop from here to apply the blur only to the face if you chose to do so. Now that you have done all this, all that is left to do is render your work! You have successfully censored someone in your video! -Chris Wetzel


~ by cgw8 on December 9, 2012.

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