Fun With Tints

Is your video project turning out a little boring? Want to spice it up by trying out new effects? Well, one interesting (and easy) effect you should try out is “Tints”, which can literally change how your video is viewed!

To begin, open your video file in Adobe Premiere. Then, select that file and drag it into the timeline (“Video One”).  **If you wish to only modify/alter one section of the video file, make sure you highlight and select that specific section now.**

Next locate the “Effects” tab. Under the “Video Effects” arrow find the “Color Correction” arrow and then find and click on “Tint”. Drag the “Tint” selection to the video to apply the effect.


Now locate the “Effects Controls” tab. Under “Video Effects” find and click on the “Tint” arrow. Under the “Tint” arrow, select the color your would like to tint the video to (you can do this for either/both “Map Black To” and “Map White To”).


Spend some time playing around and experimenting with the different colors to find the “tint” you are looking for. When you have achieved this, remember to click “Save”  so that the effects will save.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully changed the “tint” of your video file. Congrats!

Tutorial By: Marley Rodgers


~ by mer75 on December 11, 2012.

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